About Elegant Trading

Elegant trading is one of thr trending companies since 2012. It began with the trade name of Elegance fashion trading which later on changed to Elegant Trading. Nowadays, Elegant Trading is a leading supplier of men’s clothing and uniforms for business purposes. We provide products at high quality to meet customer satisfaction. Our services include: tailoring of local dress “Kadoura”, uniforms for different sectors such as: private and public companies, restaurants, coffee shops, government sector, schools and banks. We offer home and office delivery services for gentleman’s tailoring. Our delivery service includes measurements for stitching at free delivery package. At our shop you can find ready stitched all size “Kandoura”, Shmagh, Gouthra, accessories and shoes to match your outfit.

Products are all made of fabrics which consist of 100% cotton. Our proud clients are Ministry of Interiors of Abu Dhabi Police GHQ, Al Mariah Transport, Al Ghazar Taxi, Al Watani Taxi and companies.