About Us

Who we are

High Class Economic Smart Buildings is a part of Class Group companies owned by Mr. Sultan Al Mazroui. It launched from engineering basis drawings by its successful management, clear and bright paths. Bearing in mind that our work within the general and specific provisions and requirements of the market which directs the company to become an all-in-house for Construction Business. Our company provides all of the requirements of engineering works related to construction with the highest quality standards and put them to use in the different sectors such as government and private at competitive price.

What we do

HCESM was established in 2015 to demonstrate the understanding of the importance of Abu Dhabi region. This aim is a part of the desire of the company's management under the guidance of the group’s owner's. Our ideas are focused on the connection of the scientific methods, transfer the construction technologies and adaptation of what suits to develop the company's business and its products. For the unique Economic development plans prepared by authorities of Abu Dhabi region, the company provides services for the public and private sectors which falls under it’s subject to work on general contracting.

The company will be up to date with the unique development of Abu Dhabi region’s development. According to the requirements and needs of the region the HCSEB creates and develops dedicated and sophisticated business fields in the construction and development.

Our Vision

High Class Company distinguished with proven practical experience to understand your dreams and we are seriously keen to make them come true. We care to meet your expectations in obtaining professional high quality service at all times, starting from planning stages to delivery and we have high experience to make us confident that we will provide you with all what we promise, and we assure you that your dreams will come true with us. This is our firm’s promise to you to stick to it to receive your dream villa and start your property investment.

We provide refurbishment services to make your old home to become a new one.

If you are not satisfied about any aspect of your own business at the construction stage, we are always ready to put our expertise at your fingertips to enjoy peace of mind.